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It is a matter of great concern that the world's only Hindu nation has ceased to exist. Nepal had that singular distinction till some time ago, and now it is ruled by believers in Communism – a doctrine that that is anti religion in its core principles. It is remarkable that in a world with dozens of Islamic and Christian countries, even Jews with a global population of over 15 million have a country to call their own in Israel. The Hindu population in the world is estimated at 1.08 billion, but there is no place that can be called a Hindu country. How did a country of devout Hindus take to Communism? Where did the rulers of the erstwhile monarchy go wrong in fulfilling the aspirations of the people of this Himalayan country? Do the people really believe that China, their gigantic northern neighbour, is their actual benefactor? These are among the many questions that this book attempts to answer.

In The Lap of The Dragon