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This is the first book of its kind, dealing ‘Time Management’ and ‘Goal Setting’ both at great length. This book revolves around three major concepts. First concept is about moving from ‘negatives’ to ‘positives’, whether this is at the level of your thoughts, actions, behaviour, language, time utilisation patterns, etc. Second concept is about understanding the power of sub-conscious mind and effectively using it to move towards the life of your dreams. And the third concept is about understanding & tapping the benefits of Law of Cause & Effects i.e. Law of Karma towards achievement of your life purpose.

Author has revealed, how 3 productive hours can be gained per day by using GOPTA - ‘Goals Oriented Positive Thinking and Actions’ - translating to about 1000 productive hours a year and 50000 productive hours during the next 50 years, which you can utilise towards achieving your goals in different walks of life and striking balance in different walks of your life.

How To Add 50000 Productive Hours To Your Life