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It occurs just once in millions of years that the sun is not able to convey its light to all the planets surrounded to it. Demons have made full benefit of this obligation of deity by destroying a planet which resulted in the end of a dinosaur’s era from the earth. The devastation of the era was merely an accident which gave birth to the epoch of human. Demons tried to rule the universe, but birth of a new creature of deity created lots of problems for them. Monsters were now more threaten to human as compared to deity, so they changed their mind to attack on god and tried to ruin the best animal of divinity that exists on earth. This was some other failure of the deity which results in the collapse of planet Pluto. But this time not the demon instead humans were known with this compulsion of god and they strained to make full advantage of it to rule on earth by being the dictator of mischief. To stop the waywardness of the human as a demon, there were some humans with a decent soul who came forward to stop them. In this battle of good and bad three lovers of prenatal life were badly mixed whose half note love story was expected to complete in this lifetime which was their rebirth.

Clash of The Alexenders